In addition to photography, video becomes equally important to us. Offering wide range of video production.

Standalone video shoots as well as hybrid (photo+video) shoots if possible or even live streams.

Personal, B2B or B2C video projects. 


Applying similar principles as to photography. Simplicity, efficiency, precise composition and perfect value to quality ratio.


Wedding video

Areal photography

Business promotion


Real estate





Company events, parties, incentives, gala dinners.

Also available for hybrid shoots to delier both photos and video in one person. 

Wedding video

One of the most important days in your live. Lifelong moments and emotions cramped in short film.

Genuine moments, atmosphere and wedding location are most important for us. 


Small to medium promotion of your product, company or service.

Best suited for your website or social media.  


Areal photography is nowadays part of almost any shoot.

Sit back and enjoy so of the shots we like to most. 


Small to larger sized conferences/congresses.

We can cover any of those.

Provide your attendees with memorable video upon the end of their visit. Also available for 1-2 cameras live streams coverage.

More videos

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