From 1 to dozens of players.

Sports photogprahy as a passionce for capturing the right moment, in the first place. No metter what kind kind of (e)motion is in front of your cameras.

Helping our clients remembering their best goals, lap times or scores. From individuals to Olympic evens.

We are both proud and humbled to had the oportunity be part of the biggest sport events.

2008 Summer Paralympics, Beijing

2010 Winter Paralympics, Vancouver

2012 Summer Paralympics, London

2014 Winter Paralympics, Sochi

2016 Summer Paralympics, Rio de Janeiro

2018 Winter Olympics, PyeongChang

2018 Winter Paralympics, PyeongChang

2018–20 UEFA Champions League

Promoting your sport club or event?
We can help too.

Not only live events, but also their promotion is what we are able to cover. Covering brought range ways how to do it.

Press events, social media promotions, bigger nationwide campaigns, even calendars or annual reports.

Individuals or big brands. We are happy to help everyone.

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